Chroniken von Narnia


Als die Eltern der Geschwister Pevensie versterben, werden diese bei Professor Digory Kirke untergebracht. Zufällig entdecken die Geschwister Pevensie einen grossen Wandschrank, der als Weg zu der magischen Welt Narnia fungiert. In Narnia herrscht seit 100 Jahren Winter, den die böse Hexe Jadis verursacht.

Chroniken von Narnia Trailer

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  1. I’m so excited . as well as tkcied. WHY ARE THEY TWISTING THE PLOT?!?! I am angry and elated; it looks like an amazing story . by itself but VDT the book is so much different. I thought they went over the top in PC, but just watching the trailers for this one have disappointed me. They’re trying to grow up a story that should stay young. VDT was always one of my favorites in the series, but I can barely recognize any of these scenes besides a faint imagination of what they could be. Also: the Ramandu’s daughter/Edmund/Caspian is the most absurd and frustrating love triangle‘.

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